We make it easy for holidaymakers to find great things to do, places to stay, visit and eat.

Are you looking for more visitors and bookings? Advertise with us and we’ll get your business in front of people actively looking for you. What’s more, listing your business on Coast Radar is easy and completely risk-free!


  • FREE Listing

    Your business listed on our site, displayed on our maps and fully searchable. Listing includes address, phone number, single photo and descriptions (although no links within text). You manage your own listings with no limits on changes.
  • Featured Business Listing - £2.50/month or £25/year

    Everything on a free listing but you can include multiple photos, embed a promotional video, promote special offers, and clickable links for email, website, twitter, instagram and facebook. Your description can now also include textual links to your website. Featured listing are showed ahead of our free Local Business listings in any search results. (Free for registered charities)
  • Beach Sponsorship - £125/year

    If your business is based on a beach then a beach sponsorship gets you a featured listing and direct input to the beach page itself. This could be a description of your business with link to your website. This is very useful for beach cafe's or businesses that instruct on a beach. This text is on our main website pages and so use our contact page to get in touch as any sponsorship must be in keeping with our audience.


  • More Visitors

    Our website and social media visitors are interested in the coast and actively searching for places to visit, stay, eat or things to do.
  • More Footfall

    Many of our visitors are not at home but out and about at the coast and looking for places to visit, stay, eat or things to do.
  • Second Website

    If you focus your Featured Listing then this is like having a second website to draw in visitors. We can help with advice and how people have been successful.
  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation companies charge a lot more to guest blog and have an inbound link to your website. We will also promote featured listings on our "ukbeaches" social channels.
  • Great Value for Money

    Add a local business listing for free, or get more exposure and benefits with a featured listing for just £5 per month. Only equivalent to a couple of coffees a month.
  • No Quibble Guarantee

    Featured listings get a free 14 days before payment is taken. If you're unhappy for any reason, just ask for your money back.

Want a Featured Listing for free!

Coast Radar provides a lot of useful information that can complement your own website. If your website points at one of our detail pages then we will give away a featured listing. By detailed pages, we mean either a beach page or a location page:

If you have a link then drop us an email with the page on your website and we will in return give you a 100% OFF Coupon that remains valid for the duration of the link on your own website.


If you have any other idea on how you can partnership with Coast Radar then just drop us a line, here.


Please note that we do not guarantee your listing or event will be published. All information submitted is reviewed by the Coast Radar team for relevance, quality and appropriateness. If an entry is refused we get in touch to explain and discuss options to amend or cancel and get a refund.