The 2012 Big Beach Clean Up is an annual effort by Surfers Against Sewerage (SAS) removing marine litter from UK beaches with the help of community volunteers. This year the events are taking place on the 24th and 25th March in Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Scotland, Dorset, the South Coast and the North East.

Double The Rubbish

Winter storms deliver an enormous amount of litter to our beaches and with the help of volunteers and coastal communities the SAS are hoping to make this years’ even the biggest clean up event ever.  The amount of litter that ends up on our sands has increased at a steadily alarming rate; in fact it has almost doubled in the last 15 years.

Typical Rubbish

Most marine rubbish most usually found on our beaches is made up of sewage related debris, general rubbish that beach users haven’t bothered to dispose of in the correct way, boxes from fishing boats, medical and commercial shipping waste.  The ocean is the sadly the recipient of a large percentage of human waste.  About 80% of all marine pollution comes from the land. None of which you’d like to have next to you whilst lying on the sand this summer!

Communities Can Make A Difference

Hugo Tagholm, SAS Executive Director says: “Over the past few years SAS has seen a dramatic rise in the number of community volunteers getting involved with our beach clean programmes. Communities want to play their part in tackling the marine litter crisis affecting beautiful beaches everywhere, a visible indicator of the ecological disaster happening in our oceans. The SAS Big Spring Beach Clean empowers communities and educates the public on making an on-going positive difference to coastlines“.

Get Involved

If you don’t have an organised event near you the SAS is encouraging volunteers and communities to get involved.  Round up some family and friends and head to the beach to pick up and dispose of all the rubbish possible.  Do something fun, get people on the beach with rubbish bags and do whatever you can to raise awareness as to the importance of keeping our beaches beautiful.

Littering Is Killing Marine Life

It is awful to read the statistic on many species of marine fauna from whales to seabirds have been poisoned and killed by eating or being trapped in litter.  Many of these poor creatures have died slow painful deaths due to human littering. We all need to do our part to put a stop to this. If enough people get involved we can make a real difference.

Lend a Hand

Full details of the events in your area can be  found on the SAS website . Please make a note in your diaries and spread the word. Let’s keep our beaches at their best!

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