Buy one tee, get one tree

Buy One Tee, Get One Tree

The weekend of 16th September is Buy One, Get One Tree weekend at Coast Radar Clothing. During the weekend, between 9 am Friday and midnight Sunday, we will plant a tree for every order placed on Coast Radar Clothing

Why plant trees?

Trees have the ability to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere, this need to remove CO2 is vital to our global climate, CO2 is one of the contributors to greenhouse gasses that trap heat in the atmosphere. The more CO2 in the atmosphere the more heat gets trapped, which melts ice caps and permafrost, which will in turn release more trapped CO2.

In short, the more trees we have, the more CO2 we can remove from the atmosphere and slow the rise in global temperatures.

To ensure planting is as effective as possible, alongside Teemill, we partner with various tree-planting projects and organisations. Most of them are international, where we can have the most significant impact. So far these partnerships have proudly contributed to projects that have reforested large areas of Madagascar!

Get One Tree Coast Radar Clothing

Planting trees is just one part of our sustainable fashion journey. We make things differently, our factories are powered by renewable energy, products and packaging are made from natural materials, not plastic. Every product we make is designed to be sent back to us when it is worn out – we create new products from the material we recover, so the cycle itself is renewable.

So this special weekend offer means that any t-shirt, hoodie, jumper or even tote bag that you buy will help to reforest areas that can contribute to our collective fight against the climate crisis!

We want to inspire people to visit the coast but at the same time be ethically sound, and environmentally sensitive. What are you waiting for? Let’s plant some trees.

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