Carbon Neutral Clothing

At Coast Radar Clothing we offer Carbon Neutral Clothing as we believe it’s essential whilst offering great coastwear to do something about the climate crisis. We can’t do this on our own, and in offering our clothing we have partnered with Teemill, who has passed the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Neutral certification. This certification demonstrates a commitment to decarbonisation and neutralising the remaining impact through the support of environmental projects.

All our products are made from certified organic cotton, powered by renewable energy and are designed to come back to us when it’s worn out – we make new products from the material we recover.

In this article, we want to talk about what this means rather than just quote a certification.

Organically created

We use plants that grow naturally and use techniques the way nature intended them. Our organic cotton is grown in North India where monsoon rains provide the water needed to grow the crop. Instead of pesticides, co-planting crops distract bugs, and clean soil means that farmers can grow food in the dry season.

Organic Cotton Coastwear
Organic Cotton

Where our fabrics are dyed, the water is recovered, cleaned and recirculated then used again. It’s a closed-loop process with the water coming out of the filters and going back around to be reused again is crystal clear, literally clean enough to drink.

But we want to reduce the quantity of new cotton, and every product we make is designed to come back to us when it’s worn out, and we make new products from the material we recover. 

As part of our GOTS certification, we are audited to ensure that our products do not contain animal-derived ingredients and to ensure our products have not been tested on animals. This certification is seed-to-shop and includes our organic cotton and printing technology, making all our products vegan-friendly.

Powered by the wind and the sun

Products are made in factories powered by the wind and the sun. Renewable energy sources minimise pollution, unlike fossil fuels like coal which release greenhouse gases when used, contributing to global warming.

We use solar on our buildings
We use solar on our buildings

Within the factory, machine-to-machine communications technology allows us to dynamically turn equipment on and off only when it is needed, balancing our manufacturing demand with on-site generation.

Factories powered by the wind
Factories powered by the wind

Print on demand

By only printing what people need when they need it, there’s no waste from over-stocked designs and sizes. What is made is only what people need when they need it.

Coast Radar Clothing Sunrise Surfing Men's T-Shirt is printed
Coast Radar Clothing Sunrise Surfing Men’s T-Shirt is printed

Waste is designed out in our factories at every stage of production – waste saved is carbon saved.

Plant-based packaging

All orders are shipped in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging made using natural materials. Big orders come in cardboard boxes with paper-based tape. Whilst it can take hundreds of years for plastic bags to break down, paper biodegrades in 2 – 6 weeks. No waste, no plastic pollution.

Delivered in plant-based packaging
Delivered in plant-based packaging

Our packaging is also designed to encourage re-use, whether for colouring, wrapping gifts, or any other creative project!


If you have an item made by us, you can return it to us and in the UK, it’s free to do this as we pay the postage. We’ll recover and remanufacture the material into a new product.

This Circular Economy is not an afterthought but is designed into the process for products to be returned and remade again and again. That means materials flow back to our factories, and a new product is made from the old product. It differs from recycling or up-cycling, where the material is turned into something different before it is ultimately thrown away. A Circular Economy is infinite because, by design, the material flows in a loop. 

This reduces the material required to make a new yarn by using the material we already have. These returned products are available in our recycled range.

When finished send back and it is remade
When finished, send it back, and it is remade.

It does not stop there, and we will also reward you, the customer, with a coupon that you can use to save money on your next purchase.

Tree planting

Even with organic materials, modern production, safe inks, renewable energy and plastic-free packaging, we understand there is still a carbon impact. We commit to regenerative projects like tree planting to offset these carbon emissions.

Tree planting
Tree planting

Every month we have tree-planting weekends. They’re about more than just biodiversity; they create jobs for people in places where they make a difference. Trees absorb carbon, amongst other benefits like cleaning our water and air. By planting a whole load of them, the total absorbed is more than the remaining CO2 left.

As well as tree planting, we often run a ‘One Order One KG’ promotion where we fund the recovery of a kilogram of ocean-bound plastic rubbish. Not only are your plastic-free products made from organic materials, but you’ll be helping reduce plastic pollution at the same time.

coastwear, made the right way, the sustainable way! With Coast Radar Clothing, I wanted to offer a clothing brand inspired by the coast that didn’t add to the climate problem and with sustainable and ethical fashion is putting the environment first. But, it is not just about the fashion producers, as consumers, we need to think about climate positivity and reduce the demand for fast throwaway products and fashion.

Ian Barnes, Coast Radar Founder

The featured image is a Grey Seal taken in St. Ives Harbour.