Getting Away From the Queens Jubilee Celebrations in 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee is upon us. Sixty years on the same old chair, a good reason to celebrate, well some may say. They are hanging up the bunting, organising the street parties and if you listen closely you’ll hear the faint humming of ‘God Save the Queen’ in many homes across England.

Extra Bank Holiday This Year

We’re all rather grateful for the extra break from work and school and should thank Her Majesty as to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Tuesday 5th June we’ve been awarded an extra bank holiday giving us a four day weekend to enjoy. But what happens to those of us who just don’t feel like putting on the plastic Union Jack bowler hat and dancing in the streets? Where can we go to escape the Jubilee mayhem? Here are our suggestions.

Venetia, Gwynedd

If you are looking for peace and quiet then this secluded Victorian Villa is the perfect romantic seaside hideaway. The rooms are elegant, modern and stylish, with an Italian flair. The restaurant is superb and serves local seafood, and that Italian style flows through the dishes. No chance of a street party spoiling the ambience unless it’s a good Italian Food Fest.

Will You See The Monster?

Admittedly there are no seaside beaches at Loch Lomond, but there’s a lot of water and beautiful scenery. You won’t find Jubilee bunting hung up in the Scottish Glens, but you will find one of the top spas in Britain, namely Cameron House in Dunbartonshire.
Peaceful music will fill the room as you as you relax in one of the 17 treatment rooms, and no-one will hum Rule Britannia as you lounge next to the rooftop pool. If you don’t want to stay in one of the hotels rooms which offer everything from moon showers to iPod docking stations you can choose to stay in one of the lodges.

Isle of Wight

Sail away to the island, the Isle of Wight to be precise. The Jubilee mania of the mainland will seem many miles away when you arrive at the Hambrough Hotel. Each room is unique, and all have views of the ocean and St Boniface Downs. The hotel offers seven suites, each with its own charm. All are spacious, modern, stylish and comfortable. Fine dining is at the heart of this boutique hotel, the restaurant is amongst the best in Britain. The Chef has retained the Michelin star for three years and the hotel staff strive to provide constant service excellence. We heard that you will be guaranteed a wonderful “Queen free” weekend. (Unless you’re into Freddie Mercury on your iPod!)

We Love the Thought of Sunny Spain

According to Mark Atwell (Managing Director of the prices of flights and accommodation are continuing to drop. If you want to take advantage of this over the Diamond Jubilee weekend, we suggest that you head for the sun in Spain. Malaga is a great destination at this time of year and sunshine is almost guaranteed. The area offers a host of wonderful hotels, all close to the area’s sandy beaches.

Whichever escape you choose, we hope you have a wonderful “Jubilee Free” long weekend.

We’ll be waiting to see your photos of where you spent the Jubilee weekend shortly thereafter. Let us know all about it on our Facebook page.