Find Saint Peter Dog Friendly Beaches

Heading to the Saint Peter coast with your dog and not sure if they are allowed on any beaches?

This Saint Peter list of dog friendly beaches will help in planning your next trip to the beach.

Our 2021 Saint Peter dog friendly beach guide currently has no Saint Peter beaches listed where dogs are allowed with 2 beaches that have some dog restrictions, and there are no beaches on which a full dog ban is in operation.

Saint Peter dog friendly beaches Saint Peter Beaches Allowing Dogs

We have no Saint Peter beaches recorded that have no dog restrictions.

Saint Peter beaches with dog restrictions Saint Peter Beaches That Have Dog Restrictions

This list shows 2 Saint Peter beaches allowing dogs but with some restrictions. These restrictions could be a time of day, restricted zones, dogs to be kept on a lead or only allowed out of season. Check our beach information page for details of the restrictions in place.

  1. Leree Beach, Rocquaine Bay
  2. Rocquaine Beach, Rocquaine Bay

Saint Peter Beaches that do not allow dogs Saint Peter Beaches That Have Dog Restrictions

We have no Saint Peter beaches recorded that do not allow dogs at any time.

Saint Peter Beaches That We Have NO Dog Restriction Information

This list shows 1 Saint Peter beaches where we have no information on dog restrictions.

  1. Lihou Island Beach, Lihou Island

If you have visited any of these beaches and can update us then please drop us a note on facebook.

If a Saint Peter beach is not listed above then we have no information and you will have to check local beach information boards.

Note that we try to keep this dog beach information up to date but restrictions are set by local councils and occasionally we may miss a change.

If you are not sure where to go then head over to our Saint Peter coast page, or use the search bar below: