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Find Middle Dog Friendly Beaches

Heading to the Middle coast with your dog and not sure if they are allowed on any beaches?

This Middle list of dog friendly beaches will help in planning your next trip to the beach, beaches for dogs near Middle

Our Middle dog friendly beach list currently has 1 Middle beach listed where dogs are allowed with no beaches that have some dog restrictions, and there are no beaches on which a full dog ban is in operation.

Middle dog friendly beaches Middle Beaches allowing dogs

This list shows 1 Middle beaches with no dog restrictions and can be used all year.

  1. Port Soderick Beach, Douglas

Note, although dogs are allowed you are expected to keep control of your dog, clean-up after them and some beaches may require you to keep them on a lead. Please check local information sites for any restrictions.

Middle beaches with dog restrictions Middle Beaches that have dog restrictions

We have no Middle beaches recorded that allow dogs but with some restrictions.

Middle Beaches that do not allow dogs Middle Beaches that do not allow dogs

We have no Middle beaches recorded that do not allow dogs at any time.

Middle Beaches that we have NO dog restriction information

This list shows 6 Middle beaches where we have no information on dog restrictions.

  1. Douglas Broadway Beach, Douglas
  2. Douglas Central Beach, Douglas
  3. Summerhill Beach, Douglas
  4. Port Grenaugh Beach, Port Soderick
  5. Port Soldrick Beach, Douglas
  6. Groudle Beach, Douglas

  7. If a Middle beach is not listed above then we have no information and you will have to check local beach information boards.

    Note that we try to keep this dog beach information up to date but restrictions are set by local councils and occasionally we may miss a change.