Using the site

[rara_accordian_wrap][rara_accordian title=”How do I navigate around the site?”]Our information (listings) all sit below a hierarchy of COUNTRY/REGION/CITY/CATEGORY/LISTING and then you can filter the results based on one of the categories BEACHES, ACCOMMODATION, EATING, ACTIVITIES, SERVICES. At the top of the page you have a breadcrumb that shows your current position, and you can click on any element to move back up the hierarchy.

What we do is try to remember what you have been interested in, categories and location, but if you want to reset we recommend either changing to a different location using the “Change Location” in the header or clicking the RESET in the footer.[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”Do I have to register to use the site?”]Nope. You can view places on the site without registering to the site. What registering gives you is the ability to comment, save your favorites and disable adverts.[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”How do I change my password?”]If you enter an incorrect password in the login page, you will receive an error message. Click the “Forgot Password?” link and enter your email. Check your email inbox for the password reset email and follow the link to reset it.[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”How can I subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter?”]You can subscribe directly to the newsletter or via. a registration on the website, see our Beachgoers page. To unsubscribe this can be done on any newsletter communication or through your member area on the website.[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”How do I report inappropriate user comments?”]If you see anything incorrect, offensive, abusive or which otherwise gives you cause for concern, you can report it by contacting us directly at[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”I’ve found information on the website I think is wrong – what do I do?”]We work to keep the information up to date, but occasionally things change or mistakes slip through the checks. We’d really appreciate it if you contact us directly at[/rara_accordian][rara_accordian title=”Do you list dog friendly beaches?”]Where we can get the dog information then we add one of the following images in the beach description:

  • UK Beaches Dogs Allowed Dogs allowed.
  • UK Beaches Dogs RestrictionsDog restrictions may be in place, and we will add some more details, for example No dogs between Easter and October is a common one on UK beaches.
  • UK Beaches Dogs Not AllowedDogs not allowed at anytime.

We also have a top level page that lists all the regions see UK Dog Friendly beaches.

Local area’s change policies frequently and is you spot any inconsistency we’d really appreciate it if you contact us at[/rara_accordian][/rara_accordian_wrap]



[rara_accordian title=”How do I cancel a business listing?”]You can cancel at anytime. A new listing gets 30 days free and if you cancel before the end of the 30th day we will not take any money. The listing is then charged as a PayPal subscription per year, cancel anytime during the year and we will cancel the subscription and not take any further payments.[/rara_accordian]

[rara_accordian title=”How do I amend my listing?”]You have unlimited changes to your listing, you just need to login and either edit your listing from your member area or navigate to the website page and you will see an EDIT near the bottom of the page.[/rara_accordian]

[rara_accordian title=”How do I get promoted on Coast Radar’s social channels?”]As a paid listing business you have two options. (1) like our facebook page and post as a guest, we will then typically like and push out on other channels, OR  (2) drop us an email at explaining your campaign and we will agree a timeline.


[rara_accordian title=”How do I write a listing?”]You need to think about what a visitor to Coast Radar is doing. They are most likely asking “nearest” questions like where is my nearest beach cafe, my dearest surf school,..

Make sure you add a good photo and don’t duplicate what you have on your own website. Try to write a slightly different title and description then our page will list in Google search results to different searches to your own website.

Drop us an email at if you want to chat about a listing.