Helping Coastal Businesses

Coast Radar is an integrated set of online resources used by coast and beachgoers to research beaches and coastal areas with the intent to visit, allowing suppliers of services or products to gain visibility in front of these key decision makers.

Coast Radar UK Coast and Beach Guide

What is Coast Radar?

Coast Radar provides UK and Ireland Coast information across a number of online channels and these all, in turn, direct visitors to regional areas on the main Coast Radar website. Each region provides information on beaches, things to do, services, places to stay, shop or eat.

Coast Radar channels include:

    • Main website
  • Beach and Coast blog
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest boards
  • YouTube channel
  • Google+
  • Instagram

Why advertise on Coast Radar?

Coast Radar provides a comprehensive coverage of the UK and Ireland coastal areas with the aim to promote regions and drive more people to the coast. Our unique objective to be focused on the coast rather than a specific sport or just to sell accommodation puts us in the forefront of those that want to gain an understanding of an area.

Our website is designed to be responsive to the device being used. This, in turn, means that it can be used by those people already at the coast to help find something to do, the best beaches, place to stay, or that great cream tea.

Coast Radar is rapidly growing, both in visitor numbers and site content. As an independent organisation, our aim is not to promote a single product but to give our visitors the best choices available. Not only do we bring services or products from the big online providers but also give single owner providers a chance to compete for visitors on an equal footing.

Coast Radar offers you a platform to promote your service or product to a highly targeted audience. A featured listing includes:

    • Unlimited textual description
    • The inclusion of rich media like videos
    • Address, phone and email contact details
    • Unlimited photos
    • Links to your website, Facebook and Twitter pages
    • Your twitter feed integrated into the listing
    • Promotion on @coastradar social media channels
    • Article submission to the blog

In addition to driving visitors to your service or product, our listings have a real Search Engine Ranking benefit for your website. In the textual description, you can place any number of contextual links with your SEO keywords as anchor text. This will allow your site to benefit from Coast Radar’s targeted authority.

Advertisement rates

Cost effective listing rates with the ability to cancel at any time.

  • FREE lifetime listing – this gets you a basic listing with no links
  • Featured listing just £5 per month or £50/year
  • FREE featured listing for charities
  • Sponsor a beach £125 per year

For listing details see our listing page

We do offer all our listings for free if you link to one of our beach pages and multiple listing discounts, please just contact us to discuss.

Why was Coast Radar created?

Coast Radar’s founder Ian Barnes was getting frustrated in that the number of websites he had to visit to get the range of information he needed was daunting and time-consuming. He recognised the clear need for a single platform to help tourists find what they needed quickly and easily, which in turn could help local coastal businesses reach potential new customers. And so, Coast Radar was born.

Coast Radar is a unique portal looking purely at coastal areas with the aim to give you all the information you need on one website. Coast Radar hopes to give you inspiration, not just on what beaches to visit but in your research for that perfect beach holiday or day visit.

We expect to build up a strong community where people and businesses who know coast areas connect with people researching possible destinations. Beaches and things to do are added and maintained by users of the site. If you have local knowledge then join our community and help spread the word about what is happening in your area by sharing on our coastal community pages, twitter (@coastradar) or facebook.

For businesses, Coast Radar provides an affordable platform to increase your reach, grow website traffic, increase footfall and help our visitors get engaged with your business. We strongly believe in the benefits and offer a featured listing for just £5 per month and give you 14 days to try for free to enable us to demonstrate the value to Coastal businesses.

Coast Radar - UK Beaches Guide