Venus Pool (Isle of Sark)

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    Venus pool is a tidal pool protected from the elements by granite cliffs.

    Completely covered by the sea at high tide, at low tide a circular pool originally some eighteen feet (six metres) deep but now a lot less due to rock falls.

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    1 Review on “Venus Pool (Isle of Sark)”

    • Michael J A Brough
      2 years ago

      The Venus Pool is a famous sightseeing and recreational feature of Little Sark, but surprisingly few people succeed in finding it the first time they try, because it is not visible on the approach to it until almost the moment one arrives. Nonetheless, there are signs up on the island near the path to the silver mines, indicating the way which, if supplemented by one of the guidebooks to the caves and scrambles of Sark or specifically describing walks on Little Sark, can help in finding it under the overhanging cliffs at the south end of the island. The Venus Pool/Venus Bath became famous after the British artist William Toplis painted it in watercolours before the First World War, and its almost perfectly round shape and fascinating reflections of the faceted rocks reinforce the romantic atmosphere of the place.

      Unfortunately, the Venus headland has from time to time shed scree, rocks, and boulders into the pool, so that it now fairly requires a minor civil engineering project to remove the debris, which has lessened its depth from fifteen to six feet. It is not really suitable for diving in from the side any more. Unlike the west-facing Adonis Pool, The Venus Pool goes into shadow after midday, and the water tends to remain cooler as a result; it is, however, superior to its rival in both its natural beauty and in the lesser difficulty involved in getting to it safely.

      The surrounding sections of the coast include other areas of interest, including the intersecting cave system known as La Louge.

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