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    The Kilkenny Tholsel was built in 1761 and is on High Street. Originaly built by Alderman William Colles as place for collecting tolls, it has later been used as a customs house, a courthouse and a guildhall, and Read more [...]

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    Rothe House

    Rothe House is a late 16th century merchant’s townhouse located in Kilkenny. Built by John Rothe Fitz-Piers between 1594–1610, it is made up of three houses, three enclosed courtyards, and a large garden with orchard. Read more [...]

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    Black Abbey

    The Black Abbey in Kilkenny is a Catholic priory of the Dominican Order, dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity. Black Abbey was established in 1225 as one of the first houses of the Dominican Order Read more [...]