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Our History and Heritage category brings all Coast Radar’s Orkney Islands listings related to looking for something to do or a place to visit together where they offer some form of historic or heritage based activity.

Finding the best things to see and do on a Orkney Islands day out with your family or friends is easy – simply explore the historic and heritage links below, hit the jump to my location button or use the search bar to plan your next Orkney Islands activity.

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    St Mary’s Chapel

    • image-2618

    Broch of Burrian

    • image-2620

    Tomb of the Eagles

    • image-2623

    Broch of Burroughston

    • image-2622

    Mor Stein

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    Noltland Castle

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    Broch of Gurness

    • image-2619

    The Standing Stone

    • image-1593

    Balfour Castle

    • image-2828

    Churchill Barriers

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    Italian Chapel

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    Barony Mill