Find Nearest Lifeboats in Wicklow

As anyone who visits the coast a lot understands the RNLI provides a much-needed service that nobody ever wants to make a call on. Our Lifeboat category brings all of Coast Radar’s Wicklow listings related to Lifeboats and their stations together, with many opening to the public or offering fundraising shops.

Finding the best things to see and do on a  Wicklow day out with your family or friends is easy – simply explore the Lifeboat links below, hit the jump to my location button or use the search bar to plan your next Wicklow activity.

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Find Wicklow Dog Friendly Beaches

Heading to the Wicklow coast with your dog and not sure if they are allowed on any beaches?

This Wicklow list of dog friendly beaches will help in planning your next trip to the beach, beaches for dogs near Wicklow

Our Wicklow dog friendly beach list currently has no Wicklow beaches listed where dogs are allowed with 2 beaches that have some dog restrictions, and there are no beaches on which a full dog ban is in operation.

Wicklow dog friendly beaches Wicklow Beaches allowing dogs

We have no Wicklow beaches recorded that have no dog restrictions.

Wicklow beaches with dog restrictions Wicklow Beaches that have dog restrictions

This list shows 2 Wicklow beaches allowing dogs but with some restrictions. These restrictions could be a time of day, restricted zones, dogs to be kept on a lead or only allowed out of season. Check our beach information page for details of the restrictions in place.

  1. Brittas Bay North Beach, Brittas
  2. Greystones Beach, Greystones

Wicklow Beaches that do not allow dogs Wicklow Beaches that do not allow dogs

We have no Wicklow beaches recorded that do not allow dogs at any time.

Wicklow Beaches that we have NO dog restriction information

This list shows 3 Wicklow beaches where we have no information on dog restrictions.

  1. Brittas Bay South Beach, Brittas
  2. Bray Beach, Bray
  3. Wicklow Town Beach, Wicklow County Town

  4. If a Wicklow beach is not listed above then we have no information and you will have to check local beach information boards.

    Note that we try to keep this dog beach information up to date but restrictions are set by local councils and occasionally we may miss a change.