Find the nearest Lifeboats

As anyone who visits the coast a lot understands the RNLI provides a much-needed service that nobody ever wants to make a call on. Our Lifeboat category brings all Coast Radar’s listings related to Lifeboats and their stations together, with many opening to the public or offering fundraising shops.

Finding the best things to see and do on a   day out with your family or friends is easy – simply explore the Lifeboat links below, hit the jump to my location button or use the search bar to plan your next UK and Ireland activity.


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    Inshore Lifeboat Centre

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    Rock lifeboat station

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    RNLI Lifeboat College

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    Newcastle lifeboat station

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    Wick lifeboat station

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    Montrose lifeboat station

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    Portaferry lifeboat station

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    Aldeburgh lifeboat station

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    Girvan lifeboat station

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    Helensburgh lifeboat station

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    Staithes and Runswick lifeboat station

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    Cleethorpes lifeboat station