Perran Sands Perranuthnoe beach, Perranuthnoe, Cornwall
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    Perran Sands or Perranuthnoe Beach Info

    Perran Sands or Perranuthnoe beach is a flat beach with sand except at high tide when it all the beach disappears leaving a small amount of pebbles.

    Good surfing beach and boasts a reef break along with the beach break.

    Perranuthnoe has remained undeveloped, with car park, one pub, an art and craft centre and a small cafe catering for beach goers.

    Dogs not allowed.

    Perran Sands or Perranuthnoe Beach dogs are not allowed.Perran Sands or Perranuthnoe Beach dogs are not allowed.

    Why not check other beaches nearby as we have one beach around Perranuthnoe, 205 beaches in Cornwall, or check our list of Cornwall Dog Friendly Beaches.

  • Water Quality

    Perran Sands or Perranuthnoe Beach Bathing Water Quality

    Water samples are taken at regular intervals during the bathing season and at the end of the season the water quality is classified as:
    • Excellent: the highest classification meaning the water is cleanest
    • Good: generally good water quality
    • Sufficient: meets minimum standards
    • Poor: You are advised not to swim. The beach will stay open and an action plan should be in place to improve the water quality.
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  • Weather

    Perran Sands or Perranuthnoe Beach 7-day Weather Forecast

    Light rain today through Wednesday, with temperatures rising to 12°C on Tuesday.

    Today's Forecast
     Windy until evening and mostly cloudy throughout the day.
       81%  72%   26 mph
      8:13 am    4:52 pm
    Friday, Jan 19th
     Windy until evening and rain overnight.
       85%  78%   24 mph
      8:12 am    4:54 pm

    Saturday, Jan 20th
     Rain in the morning and windy starting in the evening.
       97%  99%   14 mph
      8:11 am    4:55 pm
    Sunday, Jan 21st
     Windy until afternoon and overcast throughout the day.
       83%  100%   25 mph
      8:10 am    4:57 pm

    Monday, Jan 22nd
     Windy until evening and mostly cloudy throughout the day.
       59%  89%   20 mph
      8:09 am    4:59 pm
    Tuesday, Jan 23rd
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day and dangerously windy starting in the afternoon.
       42%  71%   23 mph
      8:08 am    5:00 pm

    Wednesday, Jan 24th
     Dangerously windy in the morning and light rain in the afternoon.
       80%  99%   22 mph
      8:07 am    5:02 pm
    Thursday, Jan 25th
     Windy until evening and partly cloudy until afternoon.
       51%  36%   21 mph
      8:06 am    5:04 pm

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