Porthleven beach, Porthleven, Cornwall
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    Porthleven beach is next to the harbour and near the village centre.

    Porthleven beach is separated from the harbour by the granite pier which lies in front of the Porthleven institute and clock tower. When the tide is out it is possible to walk in an easterly direction along Porthleven beach for approximately three miles, past Loe Bar and Penrose Estate. Alternatively, you can walk along the coast path the coast path out of the village with the Porthleven beach below you.

    At high tide the beach all but disappears.

    Excellent surfing location for intermediate to advanced surfers with a natural reef break. Best months is between September and December but you will always get a strong surfing community and on big days news will travel and may get packed.

    The beach is a short walk along the harbour to the village centre. The village has parking, shops, and a selection of cafe and pubs.

    We have no dog information for Porthleven beach.

    We have no current information on dog restrictions for Porthleven Beach.

    Why not check other beaches nearby as we have one beach around Porthleven, 205 beaches in Cornwall, or check our list of Cornwall Dog Friendly Beaches.

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    Porthleven Beach Bathing Water Quality

    Water samples are taken at regular intervals during the bathing season and at the end of the season the water quality is classified as:
    • Excellent: the highest classification meaning the water is cleanest
    • Good: generally good water quality
    • Sufficient: meets minimum standards
    • Poor: You are advised not to swim. The beach will stay open and an action plan should be in place to improve the water quality.
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    Porthleven Beach 7-day Weather Forecast

    Mixed precipitation tomorrow through Saturday, with temperatures bottoming out at 0°C on Wednesday.

    Today's Forecast
     Windy and mostly cloudy throughout the day.
       20%  62%   26 mph
      7:12 am    5:59 pm
    Tuesday, Feb 27th
     Breezy in the morning and snow (1–3 cm.) overnight.
       16%  34%   19 mph
      7:10 am    6:00 pm

    Wednesday, Feb 28th
     Snow (4–10 cm.) until afternoon and windy starting in the afternoon.
       81%  83%   24 mph
      7:08 am    6:02 pm
    Thursday, Mar 1st
     Dangerously windy throughout the day and light rain starting in the evening.
       75%  87%   34 mph
      7:05 am    6:04 pm

    Friday, Mar 2nd
     Breezy in the morning and rain in the evening.
       90%  75%   15 mph
      7:03 am    6:05 pm
    Saturday, Mar 3rd
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day and windy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.
       69%  58%   14 mph
      7:01 am    6:07 pm

    Sunday, Mar 4th
     Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon.
       26%  45%   7 mph
      6:59 am    6:09 pm
    Monday, Mar 5th
     Partly cloudy in the morning.
       40%  35%   20 mph
      6:57 am    6:10 pm

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    1. Anonymous Porthleven Beach
      Overall Rating:

      Always too rough.
      Been to Porthleven twice and on both occasions it has been too rough to go onto the beach. I am sure it is good but is exposed and so make sure it is a calm warm day.

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