Lizard Lighthouse

Lizard Lighthouse is a landfall and coastal mark giving a guide to vessels in passage along the English Channel and warning of the hazardous waters off Lizard Point.

Many stories are told of the activities of wreckers around our coasts, most of which are grossly exaggerated, but small communities occasionally and sometimes officially benefited from the spoils of shipwrecks, and petitions for lighthouses were, in certain cases, rejected on the strength of local opinion; this was particularly true in the South West of England.

The distinctive twin towers of the Lizard Lighthouse mark the most southerly point of mainland Britain. The coastline is particularly hazardous, and from early times the need for a beacon was obvious.

Lighthouse has a visitor centre although opening times are restricted.

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7 Day Weather Forecast

Expect a temp in the range 20.6℃ to 21.9℃ with wind speed 4.3 m/sec (NE)
Friday, Aug 12
Expect a temp in the range 20℃ to 20.9℃ with wind speed 3.5 m/sec (NE)
Saturday, Aug 13
Expect a temp in the range 19.4℃ to 20℃ with wind speed 3 m/sec (NE)
Sunday, Aug 14
Expect a temp in the range 19.8℃ to 20.3℃ with wind speed 3.7 m/sec (ENE)
Monday, Aug 15
Expect a temp in the range 18.5℃ to 19℃ with wind speed 2.8 m/sec (WSW)
Tuesday, Aug 16
Expect a temp in the range 17.5℃ to 18.2℃ with wind speed 3.1 m/sec (WSW)
Wednesday, Aug 17
Expect a temp in the range 16.7℃ to 17.1℃ with wind speed 4.3 m/sec (NE)

The Lizard weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK

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