Mothecombe and Coastguards beach, Holbeton, Devon
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    Mothecombe and Coastguards Beach Information

    Mothecombe and Coastguards Beach is a large expanse of sand that is a traditional family beach.

    There are two parts to the beach. Mothercombe Beach (also called Meadowsfoot Beach) is a privately owned beach and is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The nearby Coastguard’s Beach has free public access. The beaches are on the South West Coastal Path and The Erme Estuary next to the beach is managed as a nature reserve.

    Mothecombe Beach has a building on the south side of the beach which is built on the site of an early lime kiln, the foundations of which were used in its construction. A little further to the south there is a small circular stone wall that used to be used (no longer is) as a swimming pool as it fills with water as the tide comes in.  A little further on is a WW2 Pill Box.

    Coastguards Beach also has a Pill Box although it is now almost covered by undergrowth. There are the remains of yet another Pill Box a little south of Coastguards beach.

    Car parking, food, toilets. Mothercombe Beach (also called Meadowsfoot Beach) is only open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Coastguards Beach and Wonwell Beach are open every day.

    We have no current information on dog restrictions for Mothecombe and Coastguards Beach.

    Why not check other beaches nearby as we have 7 beaches around Plymouth, 95 beaches in Devon, or check our list of Devon Dog Friendly Beaches.

  • Water Quality

    Beach Bathing Water Quality

    Water samples are taken at regular intervals during the bathing season and at the end of the season the water quality is classified as:
    • Excellent: the highest classification meaning the water is cleanest
    • Good: generally good water quality
    • Sufficient: meets minimum standards
    • Poor: You are advised not to swim. The beach will stay open and an action plan should be in place to improve the water quality.
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