Barmston beach, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire
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    Barmston beach is a 2km stretch of sandy beach with rocks and pebbles backed by soft clay cliffs south of Bridlington.

    The land around Barmston is only just above sea level and this area is constantly threatened by the North Sea. You can clearly see evidence of this erosion by the way the beach road just stops at a barrier by the car park and holiday park. Access to the beach can be tricky from the car park because of the erosion and probably the best option is to walk through the holiday park.

    During World War 2 it was thought to be vulnerable to enemy attack and was heavily fortified. You can still see today some of these fortifications, although many have been taken by erosion and some of the pillboxes now seen close to the beach would once have been further inland.

    Facilities near the beach include a small car park and holiday parks, with the main village of Barmston a short distance back up the road. The closest park to the beach has toilets and a cafe and probably the easiest access to the beach.

    Barmston Beach is dog friendly and allows dogs all year. Barmston Beach is dog friendly and allows dogs all year.

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    No water quality measurement available for Barmston Beach.

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