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    Brighton Palace Pier features in films like Sweeney Todd, Dr Who and Carry on at your convenience and is as much fun in real life as it is in the films!

    It was built in 1891 and opened in 1899 and was one of three in the area. It had a concert hall which housed great shows during WWII but in 1973 a storm sent a barge into the pier and the theatre was lost.

    Today this modern entertainment centre houses fairground rides, thrill and children’s rides and a huge amusement arcade. In 2003 a large fire caused damage but luckily most of it was unscathed.  The pier is now listed as a Grade II structure and brings Summer fun and entertainment to the hundreds of thousands of holiday makers who visit it every year!

    The pier is known for its rides and most visit at night when the whole structure is lit up and fun is in the air. The Booster stands 130 ft and rotates you 360 degrees accelerating to over 3.6G’s in 2.8 seconds! The Twist and the Galaxia rides spin at speeds that make your eyes ache.

    In the Summer you can cool down withan ice cream and a log flume ride with oceanic wave landings!

    What is great about the pier is that it has retained it is old worlde charm even though it has been thoroughly modernised with video games, shops, restaurants, bars and even a presence on social media in Facebook and Twitter to keep you abreast of all the news and events.

    Brighton Pier (1700ft/520m long) was opened in grand ceremony on May 20th 1899. Nowadays the Pier has amusements, theme park rides, restaurants and bars.

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    Mixed precipitation tomorrow through Saturday, with temperatures bottoming out at -2°C on Wednesday.

    Today's Forecast
     Breezy starting in the evening.
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    Monday, Feb 26th
     Breezy in the morning and light snow overnight.
       27%  59%   19 mph
      6:52 am    5:37 pm

    Tuesday, Feb 27th
     Light snow (< 1 cm.) until afternoon.
       53%  80%   11 mph
      6:50 am    5:39 pm
    Wednesday, Feb 28th
     Windy and partly cloudy throughout the day.
       23%  47%   20 mph
      6:48 am    5:40 pm

    Thursday, Mar 1st
     Windy throughout the day and mixed precipitation (3–8 cm. of snow) starting in the afternoon.
       71%  93%   32 mph
      6:46 am    5:42 pm
    Friday, Mar 2nd
     Windy in the morning and mostly cloudy throughout the day.
       89%  87%   20 mph
      6:43 am    5:44 pm

    Saturday, Mar 3rd
     Windy until afternoon and rain in the morning.
       67%  76%   20 mph
      6:41 am    5:45 pm
    Sunday, Mar 4th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day and windy starting in the evening.
       52%  73%   5 mph
      6:39 am    5:47 pm

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