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    Stratfield Saye is where the Duke of Wellingtons family have lived from 1817 when the first Duke of Wellington was given the estate after the Battle of Waterloo.

    Visiting the house and gardens gives you a wonderful insight into the life and times of the family and offers you a view of the collections of fine furniture and artwork and the Wellington Exhibition in which his funeral carriage features.

    The rooms you are allowed to view in the house include the Gallery where the prints are edged in gold beading and gold leaf and the furniture dates back to 1817!.

    The house is open weekdays from 11:30am and weekends from 10:30am and closes around 5pm and admission prices start at £7 for an adult and £4 for a child. They only take cash on the door so don’t forget to top up your wallet!

    The gardens and the house are stunningly beautiful and those interested will find the collection of arms and battle finery fascinating but for others there is the wonderful shop where you can browse and buy superb locally sourced meat, cheeses and produce as well as gifts and everyday essentials like bread, eggs and milk along with olive oils and honey!

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    Light rain tomorrow through Thursday, with temperatures rising to 13°C on Monday.

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