Hurst Point Lighthouse, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire
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    Hurst Point Lighthouse guides vessels through the hazardous western approaches to the Solent, indicating the line of approach through the Needles Channel.

    Although it is said that a light was shown on Hurst Point as early as 1733, the first Trinity House record relates to a meeting of shipmasters and merchants in 1781 to approve the terms of a formal petition to Trinity House for lights in the neighbourhood of the Isle of Wight.

    As a result a patent was obtained in January 1782 which stated that “ships and vessels have been lost… and the lives, ships and goods of His Majesty’s subjects as well as the King’s Royal Navy continue to be exposed to the like calamities more especially in the night time and in hard southerly gales”. The patent directed that the lights should be “kept burning in the night season whereby seafaring men and mariners might take notice of and avoid dangers….. and ships and other vessels of war might safely cruise during the night season in the British Channel”. In 1785, negotiations with Tatnell fell through and Trinity House erected to the designs of R. Jupp three lighthouses at the Needles, St. Catherine’s Point and Hurst. The Hurst Tower, sited to the south west of the old Hurst Castle, was lit for the first time on 29th September 1786. In due course, however, shipping found that this light was obscured from certain directions and the Corporation constructed in 1812 an additional and higher light, both to remedy this defect and to give a guiding line to vessels.

    Extensive additions were made to the castle between 1865 and 1873 necessitating the repositioning of the lights. In 1866, a new lighthouse which was called the Low Light, was built to replace the old Hurst Tower. The new lighthouse consisted of a white circular granite tower with a red lantern. This light was replaced in 1911 with a new Low Lighthouse, a red square metal structure standing on a framework of steel joists attached to the wall of Hurst Castle. The 1812 High Lighthouse was also replaced in 1867 by the 26 metre tower which is still working today.

    A major modernisation of Hurst Point High Lighthouse was completed in July 1997. Prompted by the growth in volume and diversity of traffic using the Needles Channel and following extensive consultation with the marine community, high intensity projectors were installed on Hurst High Lighthouse. These are exhibited day and night to mark the channel between the Needles and the Shingles Bank.

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    No precipitation throughout the week, with temperatures falling to -1°C next Thursday.

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     Partly cloudy until afternoon.
       14%  26%   8 mph
      7:06 am    5:36 pm
    Friday, Feb 23rd
     Clear throughout the day.
       0%  1%   17 mph
      7:04 am    5:37 pm

    Saturday, Feb 24th
     Breezy starting in the evening.
       0%  1%   18 mph
      7:01 am    5:39 pm
    Sunday, Feb 25th
     Breezy in the morning.
       0%  0%   20 mph
      6:59 am    5:41 pm

    Monday, Feb 26th
     Mostly cloudy until evening.
       15%  31%   16 mph
      6:57 am    5:43 pm
    Tuesday, Feb 27th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
       16%  61%   13 mph
      6:55 am    5:44 pm

    Wednesday, Feb 28th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day and breezy overnight.
       32%  70%   15 mph
      6:53 am    5:46 pm
    Thursday, Mar 1st
     Breezy until evening and mostly cloudy throughout the day.
       13%  75%   24 mph
      6:51 am    5:48 pm

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