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    Glendale is a large estate of nearly 19 000 acres near to Dunvegan in the north-western corner of the Isle of Skye.

    A beautiful part of the island, at the heart of the estate lies the community of Lephin which contains a shop, restaurants and a community hall.

    Glendale is home to thousands of seabirds along its steep cliffs, whilst you can also catch sight of a wide variety of marine life such as whales, dolphins and basking shark off the coast. The meadows inland are a stunning sight, particularly in spring and summer, where you can spot bluebells and orchids in abundance.

    All roads through Glendale are single-track with passing places and sheep and cattle roam freely across the land.
    Visit the area of Glendale at any time of the year as there is always something to see. Dunvegan Castle lies within Glendale and is worth stopping off at.

    More information on Glendale can be found here: www.glendaleskye.com

    Attractions include:

    • Dunvegan Castle and Gardens
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    Rain tomorrow through Sunday, with high temperatures peaking at 14°C on Saturday.

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    Wednesday, Oct 24th
     Overcast throughout the day.
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     Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
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