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    Bembridge Windmill is the only surviving windmill on the island and was built in the 1700s and played a vital role in the local community for two centuries providing work for generations.

    In the 1880s the arrival of the railway meant cheaper flour was available and from 1897 only cattle feed was made and by 1913, with the local men all signed up in the war, the mill closed. In the late 1950s, the mill was given over the National Trust.

    The mill is a Grade 1 listed building and an integral part of the island and still has its original machinery in place. You can climb to the top of the mill and figure out how it worked as you wind your way down the four levels and feel the smoothness of the wooden machinery telling the tale of those who worked there.

    The steps are steep but the view from the top is really worth the climb.

    Families can enjoy the countryside and have a great day out, although saying that, the mill is very educational with a short film explaining the milling process. Turner was inspired by the countryside around the area and there is a painting by Turner of the mill.

    Open daily and charges apply.

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