Yarmouth beach, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
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    Yarmouth Beach Information

    Yarmouth Beach is a tiny but sandy strip of beach edging the coast line of this town.

    The town is a port dating back to 991 now turned into a tourist spot but it is not really a bathing beach.

    There are facilities in Yarmouth including shops and cafes and you can enjoy a boat trip  or follow the cycle or foot path to Freshwater and visit the local attractions like Fort Victoria.

    We have no current information on dog restrictions for Yarmouth Beach.

    Why not check other beaches nearby as we have 2 beaches around Yarmouth, 29 beaches in Isle of Wight, or check our list of Isle of Wight Dog Friendly Beaches.

  • Water Quality

    Beach Bathing Water Quality

    Water samples are taken at regular intervals during the bathing season and at the end of the season the water quality is classified as:
    • Excellent: the highest classification meaning the water is cleanest
    • Good: generally good water quality
    • Sufficient: meets minimum standards
    • Poor: You are advised not to swim. The beach will stay open and an action plan should be in place to improve the water quality.
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    7-day Weather Forecast

    No precipitation throughout the week, with high temperatures peaking at 18°C on Sunday.

    Today's Forecast
     Foggy in the morning.
       10%  60%   6 mph
      7:31 am    6:13 pm
    Wednesday, Oct 17th
     Overcast throughout the day.
       50%  99%   2 mph
      7:33 am    6:11 pm

    Thursday, Oct 18th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
       18%  77%   15 mph
      7:34 am    6:09 pm
    Friday, Oct 19th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
       0%  52%   7 mph
      7:36 am    6:07 pm

    Saturday, Oct 20th
     Mostly cloudy until afternoon.
       0%  44%   2 mph
      7:38 am    6:05 pm
    Sunday, Oct 21st
     Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon.
       13%  30%   4 mph
      7:39 am    6:03 pm

    Monday, Oct 22nd
     Mostly cloudy until afternoon.
       14%  48%   11 mph
      7:41 am    6:01 pm
    Tuesday, Oct 23rd
     Partly cloudy throughout the day.
       0%  48%   14 mph
      7:43 am    5:59 pm

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