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    The Isle of Wight Zoo specialises in the care and conservation of big cats and Madagascan animals.

    It is situated at Yaverland near the sea and the staff are really friendly and encourage visitors to participate as much as possible.

    Offering a close encounter with a big cat is a brilliant way to get people to appreciate these gorgeous creatures and have a once in a lifetime experience with tigers or a lemur. The zoo also offers tours which are a big success. The friendly guides help you explore the zoo, stopping off to meet the zoo keepers who introduce you to their animals. These are the people who will be able to tell you how much poo tigers do and what the monkeys like for breakfast.

    An average time schedule for the zoo is like this

    • 10:30am – Meet the Monkeys
    • 11:00am – Big Cat Tour
    • 11.30am – Zoolittle Farm
    • 12:30pm – Lemur Feeding
    • 1:30pm to 2.30pm – Animal Encounters Drop-In Session in Zoo at Home
    • 2:00pm – Porcupine Feeding
    • 2.30pm – Big Cat Feeding
    • 3:30pm – Monkey Feeding
    • 4:00pm – Tiger Sanctuary
    • 4:30pm – Big Cat Feeding
    • 5:00pm – Animal Encounters Drop-In Session in Zoo at Home

    Well worth a visit and the kids will love it!  They are open seven days a week including bank holidays from 10am staying open a bit later in the Summer months!  Check the website for any closures due to adverse weather!

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    Light rain today through Tuesday, with temperatures falling to 7°C on Friday.

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    Thursday, Jan 25th
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    Friday, Jan 26th
     Partly cloudy starting in the evening.
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    Saturday, Jan 27th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
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    Sunday, Jan 28th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
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    Monday, Jan 29th
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day and windy overnight.
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    Tuesday, Jan 30th
     Windy in the morning and partly cloudy starting in the evening.
       49%  48%   18 mph
      7:44 am    4:53 pm
    Wednesday, Jan 31st
     Windy throughout the day and mostly cloudy until afternoon.
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      7:43 am    4:55 pm

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