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    Lincoln Cathedral was built on the orders of William the Conqueror in 1072.

    It was built on the grounds of St Mary’s Church and has been rebuilt since after a few fires and wars.

    It is spectacularly placed dominating the Lincolnshire skyline and allows sightings from up to 25 miles away in most directions and shows distinct influence from three different periods of architecture – Norman, early English and 14th and 15th Century.   There have been many restorations over the centuries but what remains is truly magnificent.

    The Cathedral is 482 ft long and the crossing tower is 271 ft high making it the second tallest in England! The chancel vault is 74 ft high and the nave 82 ft. The majority of stone used in the construction is local Oolitic limestone.

    The Bishop of Lincolnshire signed the Magna Carta here and one of the two remaining copies actually exists here in the cathedral’s library.

    It takes over £1 million each year to keep the cathedral as it is and restoration is an ongoing project.  Help from government funds and the public go a long way in maintaining this symbol of historic architecture for future generations.  The cathedral has over 250 000 visitors each year and hosts one of the best Christmas markets in the country!

    In August Lincoln Cathedral hosts a flower festival where sculptural floral arrangements are exhibited from all over the area on a theme.  Naturally, the theme for 2012 was “Going for Gold”!

    It’s well worth a visit but make sure you walk around the cathedral so that you can enjoy the exceptional views. There are quite a few restaurants and pubs to choose from on Steep Hill and across the road at Lincoln Castle.

    The main visitor’s entrance is by the south door in the west front and as you enter the Cathedral shop is on your extreme right. There are guided tours daily at 11 am and 2 pm in the Winter months and at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm in the warmer months.

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