Moggs Eye beach, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
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    Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach Info

    Huttoft Beach, also known as Moggs Eye Beach is an unspoilt, sandy beach with a wide sandy area that slopes steeply down into the sea.

    This beach is surrounded by sandhills with steps leading over the dunes to a picnic area and spacious car park with a toilet block.

    It’s a good beach for swimming, surfing and fishing and has some great walks nearby with the nearest town being Mablethorpe. This dog-friendly beach is popular for dog walkers as it is never too busy and is a perfectly safe environment away from the roadside with no restrictions in place.

    Wildlife thrives on the natural Lincolnshire coastline and is a haven for birdwatchers, nature lovers and conservationists.

    Facilities at the beach include car parking, toilets, cafe, picnic area.

    Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach is dog friendly and allows dogs all year. Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach is dog friendly and allows dogs all year.

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  • Water Quality

    Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach Bathing Water Quality

    Water samples are taken at regular intervals during the bathing season and at the end of the season the water quality is classified as:
    • Excellent: the highest classification meaning the water is cleanest
    • Good: generally good water quality
    • Sufficient: meets minimum standards
    • Poor: You are advised not to swim. The beach will stay open and an action plan should be in place to improve the water quality.
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  • Weather

    Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach 7-day Weather Forecast

    Snow (18–28 cm.) on Tuesday through next Friday, with temperatures falling to -2°C on Thursday.

    Today's Forecast
     Mostly cloudy until afternoon.
       12%  44%   15 mph
      7:00 am    5:26 pm
    Saturday, Feb 24th
     Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.
       0%  10%   22 mph
      6:58 am    5:28 pm

    Sunday, Feb 25th
     Mostly cloudy starting in the evening.
       0%  6%   18 mph
      6:56 am    5:29 pm
    Monday, Feb 26th
     Overcast throughout the day.
       34%  96%   15 mph
      6:54 am    5:31 pm

    Tuesday, Feb 27th
     Overcast throughout the day.
       40%  99%   14 mph
      6:52 am    5:33 pm
    Wednesday, Feb 28th
     Snow (< 1 cm.) and breezy overnight.
       46%  98%   17 mph
      6:49 am    5:35 pm

    Thursday, Mar 1st
     Windy throughout the day and snow (1–4 cm.) in the afternoon and overnight.
       43%  100%   24 mph
      6:47 am    5:37 pm
    Friday, Mar 2nd
     Snow (6–14 cm.) until afternoon, starting again in the evening, and windy in the morning.
       69%  100%   24 mph
      6:45 am    5:39 pm

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  • Reviews

    Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach Reviews

    3 Reviews on “Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach”

    1. Anonymous Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach
      Overall Rating:

      I love this beach.
      I have been going here since I was a kid all the family went was a brilliant day out for us all loved it so much had so menny happy memories there 🙂 it reminds me of my nana n grandad because thay was the ones who took us as babies and I intend to take my little girl when I pass my test 🙂

    2. Anonymous Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach
      Overall Rating:

      Get your owners to take you to this beach!
      I went to this beach today with my owners. It was great. As I like to run and chase birds, it was perfect for me. It’s very safe as it is right away from the road. There are a few other dogs on the beach but as it is so big, you don’t really get a chance to meet them. Also, once you step out of the car, your on the beach! My owners thought it was good to, as they knew I was safe, so they collected shells and found loads of starfish. So….. to all you puppies and dogs who love to run around and have fun, in a perfectly safe environment that is fun for all the family – GO TO MOGGS EYE BEACH !!

    3. Anonymous Moggs Eye (Huttoft Beach) Beach
      Overall Rating:

      Been going to Moggs Eye since the late 70s. Bit of a trek to get to, if you’re stopping in Skeggy, but worth it. Lovely beach, tide goes out a long way but also comes in very close to the dunes. Always a breeze blowing, so take a windbreak. Always get a spot on the car park and the toilet block is adequate. The car park could be quite full, but then you get onto the beach and you hardly see anybody, loads of room to spread out. If you want a good day with the family, relaxation and a bit of kite flying and beach sport- it’s ideal.

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