Skegness Pier, Skegness, Lincolnshire
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    Skegness Pier has had a chequered history from its humble start as a promenade for the inhabitants of a small but popular Victorian holiday town it has now grown into the focal attraction of holiday visitors.

    It now enjoys hundreds of thousands of visitors every year as they walk along the pier and take in the spectacular views of Skegness beach and enjoy the many traditional seaside attractions like the carousel, trampolines, cafes, restaurants, ten pin bowling, laser quest, ice creams, Adventure World, video games, and glow bowling!

    The pier is right at the centre of the Skegness seafront and has ample parking nearby.

    For those interested in a little history, Skegness Pier construction was started in 1879 and 2 years later opened in June 1881. The pier was originally a T-shape with a concert hall at the pier head along with departing and arriving steamboat trips. A storm in January 1978 caused major damage and due to the cost, part of the pier was demolished. The pier is now 118 m (387 ft) long with no evidence of the original pier head.

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    Light rain on Friday and Saturday, with high temperatures peaking at 27°C on Friday.

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