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Milford Haven has long been recognised by merchants and shipowners as one of Britain’s finest deep water harbours – it was from here that Henry II led his army into Ireland in 1172. Now large fleets of trawlers and oil tankers gather in the anchorage. At the approach to this famous port lie dangerous reefs just below the surface, almost in mid channel and in two groups through which shipping must pass.

One of the greatest dangers lies some 7 miles south-east of St. Ann’s Head, this being the dreaded Crow Rock and Toes lying off Linney Head which have claimed many more vessels than the reefs within the harbour. Today, two usable channels are marked clearly by sets of leading lights, all vital to safe navigation.

St Anns Head Lighthouse 7 day weather forecast, weather in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

Expect a temp in the range 7.4℃ to 7.9℃ with wind speed 8.9 m/sec (N)
Friday, Dec 03
Expect a temp in the range 11℃ to 12.3℃ with wind speed 8.2 m/sec (SW)
Saturday, Dec 04
Expect a temp in the range 7.9℃ to 9.8℃ with wind speed 7.3 m/sec (W)
Sunday, Dec 05
Expect a temp in the range 7.2℃ to 7.5℃ with wind speed 11.6 m/sec (NNW)
Monday, Dec 06
Expect a temp in the range 8.3℃ to 10.9℃ with wind speed 4.9 m/sec (SW)
Tuesday, Dec 07
Expect a temp in the range 9.6℃ to 11℃ with wind speed 9.7 m/sec (S)
Wednesday, Dec 08
Expect a temp in the range 7.5℃ to 9.1℃ with wind speed 18.6 m/sec (SW)

Milford Haven weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK

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