Smalls Lighthouse, Smalls, Pembrokeshire
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    For over 200 years the Smalls Lighthouse has been acting as a guide and hazard warning to passing ships. John Phillips, a Welshman, first conceived the idea of setting a lighthouse on the Smalls, one of two tiny clusters of rocks lying close together in the Irish Sea, 21 miles off St. David’s Head in Wales, the highest peak of which projects only 3.5 metres above the highest tides.

    Although the lighthouse was described in 1801 as a “raft of timber rudely put together” it survived for 80 years. Whiteside’s design of raising a super-structure on piles so that the sea could pass through them with “but little obstruction” has been adopted since for hundreds of sea structures.

    The present lighthouse was built under the supervision of Trinity House Chief Engineer, James Douglass. Its design was based on Smeaton’s Eddystone tower and it took just two years to build being completed in 1861.

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    Smalls Lighthouse 7-day Weather Forecast

    Snow (4–9 cm.) on Wednesday and next Friday, with temperatures falling to 0°C on Thursday.

    Today's Forecast
     Mostly cloudy throughout the day and windy starting in the evening.
       11%  64%   11 mph
      7:22 am    5:52 pm
    Saturday, Feb 24th
     Mostly cloudy until afternoon and windy starting in the evening.
       15%  42%   11 mph
      7:20 am    5:54 pm

    Sunday, Feb 25th
     Windy throughout the day and partly cloudy in the morning.
       13%  9%   12 mph
      7:17 am    5:56 pm
    Monday, Feb 26th
     Windy in the morning and partly cloudy throughout the day.
       13%  21%   10 mph
      7:15 am    5:58 pm

    Tuesday, Feb 27th
     Mostly cloudy starting in the afternoon and windy overnight.
       24%  34%   7 mph
      7:13 am    5:59 pm
    Wednesday, Feb 28th
     Windy throughout the day and partly cloudy starting in the afternoon.
       51%  41%   12 mph
      7:11 am    6:01 pm

    Thursday, Mar 1st
     Windy and mostly cloudy throughout the day.
       34%  69%   13 mph
      7:09 am    6:03 pm
    Friday, Mar 2nd
     Snow (2–6 cm.) until afternoon and windy in the morning.
       65%  100%   5 mph
      7:07 am    6:05 pm

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