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The new way to plan your next trip

So you want to take a trip somewhere on the UK coast! We’ve all been there, sitting in front of the screen with 10’s of browser windows open looking for where to go and what to do when there? 

What Coast Radar is not is an accommodation booking website, you have 100’s of them and although we do partner with a few to help out, our focus is on what to see and do when at the coast. For coastal areas, we list the beaches, events taking place, possible sporting activities and places to visit or even eat.

What we are launching today is the ability for you not just to browse around seaside regions but to then create as many itineraries as you want, give each a title, description, and set it to be public or private. Public itineraries are visible to all whilst Private itineraries remain hidden. However, they can still be shared with friends or families via a unique URL.

If you want to see an example have a look at my recent week-long trip to Cornwall, here!

We believe this is a useful tool that enables users to quickly and easily explore an area and create personalised itineraries. Coast Radar has over 1,500 beaches and 4,000 destinations, with the number increasing all the time. Making trip planning easy, intuitive and enabling users to explore the UK coast.

For more information see how to create an itinerary article or just get started by creating an account and then clicking the bookmark in the top navigation menu.