Thread Not Dead

Every year, 100 billion new clothing items are produced, with less than 1% of all clothing turned back into new clothing at the end of its life. This contributes to the textile industry being the second largest polluter in the world.

Slowing fast fashion down a bit won’t fix it. At Coast Radar Clothing, all of our products are designed to be sent back to us and remade once worn out to end waste ♻️ Each of our items of clothing features a QR code on the label, which allows you to send them back when they are worn out as part of a process called Remill.

Our recycled range is made from this returned Remill cotton.

But we’re very excited to announce that through our partnership with Teemill, we are now accepting 100% cotton clothing from any brand, in any condition, to be remade into new clothing. We’ll send you store credit for every item you send us to be spent on products from participating Teemill stores.

How it works

Check out Teemill for complete instructions on returning your clothing to ensure it never ends up in a landfill.

Get Started

P.S. Please don’t include denim or underwear, as we currently can’t accept these.