Updated at 04:00 Saturday Apr 20th

North East England Regional Forecast

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Dry with hazy sunshine. Feeling very warm inland.


A dry and often sunny day is forecast with light winds, although sunshine may be hazy at times. It will feel very warm inland by the afternoon, but cooler near coasts where onshore breezes develop. Maximum Temperature 23C.


Dry and often clear through the evening and night. Mist or fog patches may form in places as temperatures drop to single figures in rural spots. Winds will be light. Minimum Temperature 5C.


Dry and very warm inland by the afternoon with spells of hazy sunshine, and variable cloud. Generally light, variable winds, but onshore breezes may keep some coastal areas cooler. Maximum Temperature 24C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Dry, often sunny and warm or very warm inland on Monday and Tuesday, but with cooling coastal breezes, more especially on Tuesday. Becoming cloudier on Wednesday with thundery showers.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 24 Apr 2019 to Friday 3 May 2019:

There is a risk of thunderstorms from the south on Wednesday, with drier weather in the north. Temperatures could remain warmer than the seasonal average, and this is most likely in the south. Thereafter, for the remainder of April there is lower confidence in the forecast, but the weather will perhaps become more changeable and generally less warm. There will be a chance of showers or longer spells of rain and some periods of stronger winds, especially in the north and west. However, some drier, brighter and warmer interludes are still likely at times, these most probable across southern and southeastern parts, although overall, temperatures will still be close to average for late April. At times, there may be some marked variations in temperatures across the country though.

UK Outlook for Saturday 4 May 2019 to Saturday 18 May 2019:

For the beginning of May, confidence in the forecast falls to low. On balance, there is a slightly greater chance that it will be settled, with some longer spells of dry and bright weather for many places, but especially so across the south. Rain is still possible at times, although with a good deal of fine weather temperatures will be mostly above average.

If you want more detailed weather for a local area the all of our lower level information pages have a more detailed local 7 day weather forecast.

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