10 Beach Holiday Safety Tips

A beach holiday is a delight for everyone, whether you’re in the Caribbean or on and around the British seaside, to make sure your holiday is safe and enjoyable, here are our top 10 beach holiday safety tips.

  1. Water: Take some bottles of water with you and drink frequently, it’s surprising how quickly we can dehydrate in the sun, and drinking alcohol does not count as fluid on this occasion!  Coffee and black tea dehydrate your body as well, so remember to have a glass of water on the side.
  2. Sun protection: Never forget to take sun cream with you on beach holidays. If you do forget, go to the nearest shop immediately or borrow some! It only takes 10 minutes to damage your skin and not much longer for it to begin burning. Remember to re-apply throughout the day, especially after swimming.
  3. Shade: We like to make the most of our time at the beach so usually arrive at the crack of dawn and stay until the sun goes down, this is way too long to be spending in the intense sun so make sure you choose a location with the option of shade. Alternatively, there are affordable beach tents that are easy to set up and give protection from not just the sun but also any wind.
  4. Swimming: Don’t swim too soon after eating as this can cause stomach cramps and never swim after consuming alcohol. Stay in the designated swimming areas and always remember to tell someone where you are going. Currents and tides can change incredibly quickly and catch out even the most experienced of swimmers.
  5. Sleep: Relaxing on a lilo as the water laps around you is a wonderful pastime in the pool but can be dangerous in the sea. Drifting around the edge of the water is a great way to cool down, but be careful not to fall asleep, this could not only lead to you drifting out to sea but also serious sunburn.
  6. Footwear: The sand can get extremely hot in the heat of the day, and can sometimes burn your feet so remember to take a pair of flip-flops or beach shoes with you. Be careful of sharp stones or shells and some shorelines are also pebbly and can make your feet really sore.
  7. Belongings: Try not to take valuables to the beach with you, put phones and cameras in a bag, zip it up and tuck the bag well out of sight. Opportunist thieves will not want to attract attention to themselves by having to rummage through your belongings.
  8. Water sports: Always make sure you are in the correct zoned beach area. If you are renting kit then use a recommended company and check that they have insurance, always wear any life jacket provided and listen to the guidelines given to you. Again, make sure you tell someone where you are going and never do water sports after consuming alcohol.
  9. Diving: Never ever dive off rocks or jetties unless you know what is under the water and how deep it is. Having fun in the water is a great part of the beach holidays so make sure you stay safe.
  10. Children: Children are in their element on beach holidays but never leave them unattended whilst they play, it is very easy for them to wander off and lose their bearings on a busy beach or get into difficulties even in shallow water. A good technique is to find an obvious point of interest and say if you get lost go to that point, it could be a lifeguard point or a cafe/kiosk.

We hope you enjoyed these tips, and if have any more please let us know here or on our Facebook page.

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