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Coast Radar is a travel publisher Inspiring people to visit the UK and Ireland coast.

Coast Radar – How it all began

I [Ian Barnes] created this travel site as I was getting frustrated in the number of websites I had to visit when investigating for next years summer holiday possible destinations in the UK. With a family in tow I needed to cope with “I’m bored, what can we do next..” questions, I needed something more than just a generic beach list or one of the many other specialised websites.

Through my great interest in the UK’s coastline and beaches I decided to start recording it, in doing this I created Coast Radar as a single platform to help others find what they needed quickly and easily. This in turn could provide a means for local coastal businesses to reach potential customers.

Coast Radar today

These days, Coast Radar is more than just a website but a whole set of interactive tools inspiring beachgoers [beachgoer – Noun – A person who goes to the beach] to explore the beauty of UK Beaches and the wider UK Coast:

  • Beach and coast guides with coverage of the whole UK and Ireland coastline
  • Website navigated through interactive maps and regional search tools
  • Featured articles and travel information
  • Social channels for beachgoers to ask questions and offer opinions
  • Members area to save your favorites

It does not matter if you are planning a staycation or just a day out at the beach, our information should help you find that perfect spot to explore.

We are here to help you find that closest beach for a day out or a remote cove to be away from it all.

Where will you explore next? Check out coast map search tools.

Coast Radar is a registered trademark ®

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