10 Fun Things To Do This Summer

National Holiday Season is almost upon us and while many people are going abroad, it seems most will be at home this Summer.

It’s hard to think of ways to keep the family entertained over the long Summer break so here are a few suggestions to get you thinking.

1.  Have a vintage cream tea

Afternoon tea is a British tradition and one that everyone enjoys. Send out floral invitations and ask your guests to dress ‘vintage’.  Put up the parasols and plump up the cushions. Make cucumber sandwiches and cupcakes (get the kids involved) and lay the table with everything floral you have from tablecloth to china. Don’t forget the scones heaped with strawberry jam and clotted cream!

2.  Pitch a tent in the garden

You may not be going away but for children of all ages, camping is an adventure even if it’s in the garden. For teens, pitch a tent with bedrooms in it and allow them a fire pit in a safe area. Pit stops can be in the house but everything else has to remain outside! Cosy it up with fairy lights and rugs – a bit of ‘glamping’ style helps!

Open the kitchen window at meal times and get them to ‘collect’ and ‘pay’ for their meals with tokens like a flower or pretty stone.

3.  Get the BBQ out!

A BBQ is a phenomenon that only happens on occasions of extreme sunny-ness so it’s always a treat!

Bake potatoes and corn on the cob in the coals and teach your children to ‘turn the meat’.  Vegetable packets (in foil) are great too and keep the meal healthy.  You can BBQ anywhere so think about combining it with a walk at the coast and buy a small disposable BBQ to use.

4.  Go to an outdoor theatre

It’s surprising how many outdoor theatres there are in the UK.  The Minack Theatre in Cornwall is famous for its productions but many of the castles and stately homes also put on Summer productions and musical shows like the Proms.  It’s a perfect night out with the whole family and, in some cases, you can even camp there!

5.  Get on your bikes

Cycling is a perfect way to enjoy the English countryside and with so many coastal paths it seems a shame not to take advantage of any sunny weather and cycle at the coast or in your own county.

For smaller children, there are carriers that you can attach to your bicycle so that they’re safe and comfortable on longer journeys.

6.  Walk, walk, walk the coast

Walking is a great British past time and our coastal paths and walks are fantastic with stunning views around every bend.  Try some of our beach walks and the coastal paths around the country.

Check the detail of the walks though as some are more strenuous than others!

7.  Attend a fete or festival

Every year the villages and towns of the United Kingdom host a wide variety of fetes and festivals from really big ones to those that just take up the local farmers field.  They are all great fun especially if you go in a group.

Around the coast, you’ll find some superb foodie festivals like the Dorset Seafood Festival running from the 14th to the 16 July in Weymouth. It’s mouthwatering .

Keep up to date with festivals on our blog or just Google festivals near you.

8.  Visit an Historic Building or Stately Home

England is cram packed with gorgeous historic buildings and most of them are now open to the public and have stunning gardens. Pack a picnic, round up the children and head out to a stately home near you for a fun day out.

9.  Start a wildlife scrapbook

Yes, there is still wildlife in the United Kingdom! One thing I loved about Summer was spending long hours in the woods or the fields with binoculars and a notebook just recording what I saw. Now you can set up a ‘scrapbook’ on an iPad or iPhone but it’s not the same.

Encourage your children to join you on a day out recording wildlife, birds and plants to make them more aware of their surroundings.

10.  Head to the coast

The UK has thousands of miles of coastline, some totally unspoilt.

We hope you have fun with some of these suggestions and send us a photo or two through our Facebook page!