10 Things To Pack When Travelling

When we’re packing for a glorious holiday in the sun it’s hard to remember everything we might need when we get there and we all know we can probably buy that missing item once we’re there but, what if we get stuck in transit or they just don’t have that essential item at our destination?

Here are our ten things that are essential to pack when travelling from the United Kingdom to other destinations in the world today.

1.  It’s a connected world

Or is it? We assume that every country has our fascination with electricity and the internet but many places just don’t. Africa is one such destination and you’ll find it hard there and in other third world countries to get a connection, pick up a charger or extension or even the right adaptor for electrical sockets. Pack them before you go!

2.  Passports and travel documents

You can’t go anywhere without them so ensure that they are in the first part of your packing. Check itineraries and visas, validity dates and names on airline tickets. If they don’t match you could be in trouble. Then place them in a front pocket of your hand luggage or handbag for ease of access for yourself. It’s difficult to spend ages at the counter checking in when you can’t find your passport or e-ticket.

3.  A clean up pack

Flights are quite long and any flight leaves you feeling sticky and grubby at the end. Pop some wipes or anticeptic gel in your handbag along with a toothbrush and paste, comb and deodorant so you can arrive feeling a little fresher.

4. Sort out your medication

If you are using long term medication like blood pressure pills ensure that you have over the amount you need just in case you lose some luggage and create two separate stashes i.e. one in hand luggage and one in the suitcase. It’s also wise to think ahead about where you’re going and ensure that you have what you need like sickness and diarrhoea medicines or rehydration sachets.

5. Private passwords/codes

These days we all have separate passwords and numeric codes for banking, credit cards, debit cards, blogs, websites, facebook pages and twitter to name but a few. How do you remember them all? Remember to ensure that you take those you need or that you’ve set up a profile on ‘log me in’ so you can access your computer from anywhere in the world to find them when you need them. (You’ll need to keep your computer on while you’re away though!) If not, download one of the wonderful apps from App Store or set up a file in iCloud.

6.  Underwear

Yes, people forget to pack their undies in their haste to escape! Laying everything out on the bed and mentally dressing yourself in each outfit first helps you remember to start at the bottom (no pun intended!). The right underwear is essential for ladies as a black bra just won’t look that good under that stunning white evening dress you’re planning to wear to wow the partner!

7.  Jewellery

We all like to look good when travelling but taking along the family jewels isn’t the best way to travel these days. Pack a bit of tinsel if you have to but the best rule about travelling and jewellery is that you wear what you wear everyday i.e. wedding rings, watch, earrings.  All diamonds and sapphires are best left at home in the safe. If you do take good jewellery make sure you have adequate insurance in case you leave it in an airport bathroom or it ‘disappears’ from the window ledge in your bed and breakfast!

8.  Good shoes

Travel means walking. Maybe not extensively but walking is always involved when we travel.  Just think of the foot slog through the airports before you even make it to the aeroplane! Miles of corridors and more when you get off at the other end too. Wear comfy and well worn in footwear when travelling and save the sexy high heels for later.

9.  Take photos of your belongings

Taking pictures of your suitcases exterior and interior while and after packing will help you with any insurance claims you may have to make later. Jewellery is especially vulnerable so take photos of yourself wearing it on holiday and as you travel. This is a much easier way to show people what it is you’ve lost while on holiday.

10.  Sunblock

A lot of the countries we travel to for sunshine charge a lot more than we do for sunscreen and some don’t have any to offer as their residents don’t need it. We’d recommend sun block and after sun as there’s nothing as nasty as sunburnt skin with nothing to take the sting out in the evening after a day on the beach.

If you have any other suggestions about what to take when travelling please add your suggestions here!