30×30 World Ocean Day

Why 30×30? Leading scientists worldwide have determined a healthy ocean is a critical part of the solution to the climate and biodiversity crises and that protecting at least 30% of our lands, waters, and ocean by 2030 (30×30) is necessary to give the planet a chance to recover and protect millions
of species from extinction.

By supporting 30×30, together, we can protect our planet’s life support systems – specifically the interconnected issues of ocean, climate, and biodiversity. Less than 17% of land and 8% of the ocean worldwide are protected.

Today, June 8, is World Oceans Day, an opportunity to reflect on the importance of our oceans. But we shouldn’t just focus on this problem one day a year; it should be our focus every day of the year!

Plastic pollution, rising water temperatures, overfishing, sewage dumps and many other factors are impacting the ocean’s ability to thrive as it should. Life below the water is in crisis mode, and it’s up to everyone to take action to protect this extraordinary life source.

Share your opinion and help drive focus on the improvements we all need to make!

More importantly, World Oceans Day is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the ocean’s threats and what we all need to do to counter them – and for that, every day needs to be World Oceans Day.