4 of the Best Coastal Towns in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is home to various stretches of open sand, perfect for family ventures or rock-pooling fanatics. Regardless of whether it’s sunny or gloomy, the seaside is always perfect for a day out and there’s always something to get stuck into. Knowing which coastal areas are the best to visit can be difficult, particularly when you are not familiar with the surroundings and relevant information can seem few and far between. Here we remove the middleman and discuss our favourite seaside towns in Yorkshire, including our recommendations of what we think you should get up to whilst visiting.

Fortunately, the coastlines on this list are easily accessible by public transport. If you are travelling from down south, it would be best to check the trains to York and then make your way to any of the locations from there.


Scarborough South Bay Beach, North Yorkshire
Scarborough Beach

The seaside town of Scarborough is one of the most well-known locations on the North Coast and perfect for your nostalgic weekend break, boasting two large sandy beaches split by a collection of rocks that were once part of Scarborough Castle. Here, you’re free to build sandcastles, go for a donkey ride along the beach or, if you’re brave enough, go for a dip in the sea, with lifeguards on duty during the daytime to ensure it’s safe. Dogs are welcome on the beach during certain times of the year, but it’s always recommended that you check beforehand – dog walking is typically prohibited around May to September.


Filey Beach, North Yorkshire
Filey Beach

Not too far from the previous location on this list, Filey is situated between Scarborough and Bridlington. Once a fishing village, the town has now become a popular tourist resort due to its 5-mile-long beach and stunning promenade. For those who are wanting to avoid the feeling of sand between their toes, the town also offers the chance to play mini golf, visit arcades and experience some of the best fish and chips in the country.


Bridlington beach
Bridlington Beach

Bridlington is the perfect amalgamation of historic buildings and a bustling seafront bursting with arcade games and food stalls. There are two stretches of sand here, with the south beach being ideal for those wanting a quiet walk along the beach or a visit to the Princess Mary Promenade, the busy hub for those seeking refreshments after a long day of exploring. Alternatively, the north beach offers scenic views of the white cliffs of Flamborough Headland and the harbour, which can be experienced from the land train that operates along the promenades.


Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey

The coastal town of Whitby is probably best known for its connections to the Dracula novel by Bram Stoker, following the vampire’s famous climb up the 199 steps leading to Whitby Abbey. Regardless, it’s worth climbing the steps for yourself and witnessing the picturesque views of the harbour from the top. The old town in Whitby is filled with independent shops and ice cream vendors that are just waiting to be explored. If you fancy doing something a bit out of the ordinary, why not organise a boat trip to go whale watching? Try to keep a look out for one of the distinctive replica boats here, like the Mary Ann Hepworth, which is an authentic 1930s lifeboat.