Beach Games for the Kids

For most families hitting the beach it is not about sitting down and reading a book but about keeping the kids entertained and enjoying the beach and coast environment. Here we have listed a few fun games and activities that will keep the children entertained for hours.

Sandcastle Building

sandcastle building photo

Location is important based on tides as you want enough time to build but also be close enough to get water into a moat. A good tip is to mix a little sea water with your sand to create a more workable texture. It’ll stick together better, making your building a much easier task to undertake.

You don’t have top stick to a castle but try boats you can sit in, animals or monsters.

beach rock pooling photoRock Pooling

One of our favourite beach activities that children and parents never get bored of. With a net and a bucket in each hand off they go searching. Crabs, shells, rocks, mussels, fish and seaweeds of different shapes and colours can be found in the rock pools.

If you have older kids then you might like to try a hook and line and catch something.

beach shell art photoBeach Art

Ask your children to collect as many treasures as they can possibly find on the beach: shells, coloured beach glass, drift wood, pebbles, seaweed and other items that they think are worth collecting to create their own piece of beach art.


beach frisbee photo All you need is your Frisbee and a beach big enough to run around and throw without hitting others. You can just throw between each other or why not draw a target on the beach and turn it into a competition as to who can get the best score.

Water Relay

beach kite flying photoAll you need is a bucket and cup. Place the bucket a suitable distance from the sea and they run to the ocean, fill the cup with water and run back to dump it into the bucket. You can even have two teams and the first team to fill the bucket wins! If you have more people then create larger teams and position multiple buckets a distance apart and each team has to fill all their buckets to win.

Kite Flying

beach kite flying photo The beach is often one of the best places for kite flying as you have space and typically a constant un-interrupted sea breeze.



Beach Volleyball

Although volleyball is now a popular sport on beaches and courts are often provided you don’t need to take it that seriously. You don’t even need a net just draw a rectangle with a line across the middle and make the object of the game not to let the ball drop onto the sand.


Let us know which one is your favourite. Or if you know a beach game that is not listed here then why not share it with us?

Photos by:
sandcastle by chefrandenPhoto by Mike GL rock pooling by Dougtone  , beach art by ElizabethHudy , frisbee by Mike GL , water relay by Camp Pinewood YMCA, kite flying by StateofIsrael , beach volleyball by kliim stream , featured image by Kevin Krejci