Bring Visitors To Your Website

The key to any website is to get targeted visitors and within travel and tourism businesses this is especially true. You want someone that is looking to book today or looking to visit today, this is what we call targeted visitors. Yes, it is nice to get 1000’s of visits to your website but it has to be all about what percentage of visitors book or visit your business.

This is where Coast Radar can help. Our website and social media platform work together to offer good quality, informative content that attracts people who are researching beach and coastal areas. When a visitor clicks on a Coast Radar link to pass through to a website they are very interested in what they have seen and are looking for more details, the landing page they arrive at needs to give them the information they need and get them to book. We have made it a lot easier as we have delivered someone that is already interested.

Coast Radar listings start with a FREE map marker and an entry with description and website link start from as little as £5/month (£50/year) and there is no better way to put your business on the map and stay ahead of your competitors. So for less than a cup of coffee and pastry a month you can fill the gaps in your bookings and get visitors through your door.

If you are willing to point your website at one of our location pages or beach pages then not only will you help your visitors understand the area but you can have a Featured Listing for free!

Look what one Holiday Cottage owner said of her Coast Radar featured listing ‘It is all too easy to get visitors in the high season but with Coast Radar my low and mid-season bookings have grown 3 fold’.

Click here to bring more visitors and booking to your business! or give us a call +44 (0)1442 781091