Leave Social Media Behind

Come rain or shine, a walk along the beach is a great way to find peace and escape the pressures of your normal busy life.

First of all, we have a pre-requisite, leave social media behind! You need to leave your phone in the car or at least turn it off as walking whilst scanning emails or checking what your friends had for lunch on social media will not help. I have to admit that often I don’t spend the time enjoying the coast that I should as I am always too busy making notes and photographing for Coast Radar.

But, to find this peace you need to think about where you are and what you are doing. Slow down the pace and forget about the destination and instead, as you take each step take in the environment, concentrate on each of your senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

Focusing your gaze on the small things around you, pebbles, fossils, shells or polished driftwood will get you immersed in small natural and beautiful objects. But, don’t forget to look up as also scanning the horizon will move you from the now beneath your toes to the distance and what-if…

You should listen whilst walk but if you have the time sit down, close your eyes and just think about the sounds. The rhythm of the inbound breaking waves, gentle breeze or cry of seabirds helps to empty your mind of the things you have on your to-do list, whether a work or family list.

If warm enough then bare feet will allow you to feel the sand, its texture and if dry, damp or wet within the shallow surf.

Beach footprint - UK Beaches Guide

The smells at the coast are one of those things that are never forgotten, the salt being blown from the inbound surf, the seaweed or even the fish and chips being served at the beach café. Often it is the seaside smells that help to re-kindle good times spent around the coast.

Before long the chaotic pace of your normal world will start to receded and any stress disappear.

It does not have to be an all slow pace. If you have some rock pools then take the time to look for crabs, small fish or unusual shells and seaweed. If the beach is backed by cliffs or you have a lot of rocks then a spell of beachcombing will again make you aware of the beach environment.

You may well be thinking where is taste. Well, we have not forgotten as any visit to the coast should finish with a visit to a beach café or pub and to just spend a little time thinking about what you have just done whilst enjoying the local food.

A trip to the beach is not that difficult in the UK, as for most people the seaside is easily accessible. Check out our interactive coast map for some ideas.

The next time you head off to the beach leave your phone behind and enjoy the time and the things around you rather than spending all your time on social media letting everyone else known where you are and what you are doing. Why not be original and just tell them when you next see them.

Take the [phone-less] time to enjoy the beach!