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Orkney Mainland is the largest island of Orkney and includes the UNESCO World Heritage Site, "The Heart of Neolithic Orkney". This site refers to a group of Neolithic monuments found on the Scottish Orkney Islands. The structures were built during the period 3000 BC to 2000 BC with archaeological evidence suggesting that they were important social and religious centres. The designated area consists of four sites, which are spread out over two locations about 6.6km apart on the island of Mainland.

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Want some ideas on where to visit?

Every favourite location must be visited for the first time. Want some ideas, why not check out the below small selection of coastal locations, including beaches, activities, things to see and do, and places to stay and eat:

Marwick Head

Earls Palace

Skara Brae

Maes Howe

Barony Mill

Bay of Skaill Beach

Standing Stones of Stenness

Broch of Gurness

Dingieshowe Beach

Knowe of Queen o Howe

Warebeth Beach

Pierowall Lady Kirk