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Explore Westray (Orkney Islands) Coast and Beaches

Westray is one of the Orkney Islands with a great mix of coastline, wildlife and history. The Neolithic and Bronze Age site at the Links of Noltland and at Noltland the 16th Century castle is one of the most impressive in the Northern Isles. Spectacular sea cliffs around Noup Head that are home to thousands of seabirds and the Noup Head RSPB Reserve. Last but not least some excellent quiet sandy beaches to explore and relax on.

Westray Orkney Islands Coast Map


Want some ideas on where to visit?

Every favourite location must be visited for the first time. Want some ideas, why not check out the below small selection of coastal locations, including beaches, activities, things to see and do, and places to stay and eat:

Bay of Tuquoy Beach

Mae Sands Beach

Noltland Castle

Links of Noltland Neolithic and Bronze Age site

Bay of Tafts Beach

Noup Head Lighthouse

Grobust Beach

Noup Cliffs

Bay of Skaill Beach

Fitty Hill

Westray Heritage Centre