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Coast Radar is a blog and coastal search engine focused on the UK and Ireland coastline.

The site is split into two; the blog highlights the key elements of the extraordinary locations we visit and great pointers to enjoying our coast, whilst the search engine is an information hub for the UK and Ireland coast with beaches, things to see and do, places to eat and local events.

We are committed to growing the Coast Radar brand and working with other influential organisations for mutual benefit.

What Are You Looking For?

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Who Uses Coast Radar?

Our readership largely consists of people interested in visiting the UK and Ireland coast or people already on the coast.

We wanted just to explain how users of Coast Radar vary over the seasons.


The focus during the winter months is around research and planning with an emphasis on our Blog destination articles and searching primarily for holiday locations and then accommodation options.

Our experience shows the main decision-makers during this period being parents of families with children in the range 6 – 16 years old


Spring varies depending on the weather as we still have some continuation of people looking for places to holiday but as the days get lighter and the weather gets nicer, we start to see people of all ages searching for answers to questions focused on the “now” rather than the “future”. By this, we mean things like “nearest beach to …” and “closest cafe to me” as people switch to opportunistic day trips or when already at the coast, wanting answers to local questions.


Summer in full swing is all about answers to local questions asked when already at the coast or suggestions around day trips and entertaining the kids during school holidays.


Autumn is our slowest period, although seasoned UK holidayers understand that the good accommodation for the next year starts to book before Christmas. This means we start to build up to research to help with accommodation bookings. Although, a spell of nice weather can drive day trip searches.

Social Media Channels

We use Twitter (@coastradar) and Facebook (@coastradar) and are starting to build Instagram (@coastradarclothing). Although our main social media channel is @coastradar, we do sometimes use @ukbeaches also.

The below chart is an insight into @coastradar:

@coastradar followers

The below chart is an insight into @ukbeaches:

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Let’s Talk

Our focus is on promoting the beauty and diversity of the UK and Ireland coastline and we are always open to any ideas that align with this.

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