Peaceful Yorkshire Coast That You Have to Visit

One doesn’t often think of seaside landscapes when they think of Yorkshire, but this northern county is actually home to some of the most picturesque and peaceful coastal towns in the country. Yes, Scarborough, Filey and Whitby might be everyone’s go-to but if you want to escape the crowds, you need to be in the know.

From the staggering cliffs of Flamborough to the traditional seaside resort of Withernsea, there are so many spots along the northeast coastline that deserve a trip.


Renowned for its clean waters and very Yorkshire look and feel, Withernsea is one of those hidden gems that, once discovered, you will be going back to time and time again. The town itself is home to a magnificent lighthouse and occupies a very prominent part in the town’s history.

As for the beaches, they’re sandy and devoid of crowds, meaning that you and your family could enjoy a whole stretch to yourselves. If you’ve found yourself falling head-over-heels for the quaint town, there are a growing number of new builds in Withernsea.


There are few seaside towns as picturesque as Staithes. A quick 20-minute drive from Whitby, the old fishing village is cosy and intimate with its cobbled streets, independent shops and winding lanes. It’s also a hotspot for artists and you can see some of the best local art there.

One thing you absolutely must do when you’re there is hike to the highest part of the town. Here, you can see where the sea feeds into the river that runs through the town, as well as the cliff faces and the town houses that make the area so beautiful.


Waterproofs and warm layers ready for Flamborough! As one of the most exposed spots on the northeast coastline, you might be in for a windy afternoon, but that doesn’t take away from the sheer natural beauty that you can enjoy atop the Flamborough cliffs.

With a multitude of walks skirting the cliff faces, this is where panoramic views of the sea are an everyday occurrence. What’s more, with its scarce population and raw nature, Flamborough attracts thousands of migrating sea birds every year. The star migrator? The puffin, of course, which brings in birdwatchers from all over the country.


Not to be confused with the hit film starring Jacob Elordi, Saltburn-by-the-sea is another coastal gem that is a hotspot for surfers who want to ride the waves at sunset. Still bearing many marks of the Victorian era, it’s also a great spot for history buffs, with pubs that were frequented by Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley.

Saltburn is somewhat of a culinary capital too, with fresh seafood and modern gastronomy around every corner.