Find the nearest Eating in Tyne and Wear

When planning a day out or weekend away in Tyne and Wear one of the hardest parts is finding a great place to eat. Our Tyne and Wear eating pages list local places to eat including beach cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, fish and chip shops, cream teas, takeaways or places to wind away the evening and talk about the day’s activities.

Simply explore the links below, hit the jump to my location button or use the search bar to plan your next Tyne and Wear coastal food stop.


    The Keel Row Pub

    The Mile Castle Pub

    The Job Bulman Pub

    The William Jameson Pub

    The Wouldhave Pub

    The Fire Station Pub

    The Quayside Pub

    The Sir William de Wessyngton Pub

    The Lambton Worm