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    Daviot is home to a superb Neolithic stone circle. 

    There are ten stones in the circle with one lying flat. The circle has been used as a burial ground and to the south of the main circle is a smaller circle that was excavated in the 1930’s that also seems to have been used as a cremation cemetary in about 1500 BC.

    This circle is about 20m in circumference and the stones vary in size from about 20 tonnes down. The flat stone looks like two stones but apparently this is one stone that has been split due to freezing and thawing! It’s one of Scotlands many mysteries and the country is full of stone circles with around 99 of them having been identified in the area and most having been built over 4000 years ago as lunar calenders to show the seasons passing.

    The village of Daviot is also the birthplace of theologian William Robinson Clark and also home to the House of Daviot, an explosive facility and the first GM crop field in Scotland! (There is also a good pub – The Smiddy Bar)

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