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The Dwarfie Stane is a chambered tomb carved out of rock situated in a steep-sided valley between Quoys and Randwick on the island of Hoy, in Orkney.

Unlike other tombs on Orkney, the Dwarfie Stane is cut from a red sandstone block about 8m long. The remarkable thing about the Dwarfie Stane is that it was hollowed out using only stone or antler tools, and a lot of back-breaking work and patience.

Some say that it is the only Neolithic rock-cut tomb in Britain.


Dwarfie Stane 7 day weather forecast, weather in Hoy Island, Orkney Islands

Expect a temp in the range 3.8℃ to 4.4℃ with wind speed 10 m/sec (NW)
Friday, Jan 28
Expect a temp in the range 5.1℃ to 5.5℃ with wind speed 6 m/sec (WSW)
Saturday, Jan 29
Expect a temp in the range 8.5℃ to 9.2℃ with wind speed 14.4 m/sec (WSW)
Sunday, Jan 30
Expect a temp in the range 2.3℃ to 2.5℃ with wind speed 10 m/sec (NW)
Monday, Jan 31
Expect a temp in the range 0.5℃ to 1.5℃ with wind speed 6.2 m/sec (ENE)
Tuesday, Feb 01
Expect a temp in the range 1.2℃ to 7.9℃ with wind speed 7 m/sec (SW)
Wednesday, Feb 02
Expect a temp in the range 3.4℃ to 4.7℃ with wind speed 18.6 m/sec (WNW)

Hoy Island weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK

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